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By Richard Moore

Honiara, Solomon IslandsStepping off the plane at Honiara’s airport the heat of a Solomon Islands’ day wraps around you like welcoming arms.

It pairs well with the warmth of the smiles that meet you, together with many intonations of “Welkam”, the local greeting.

It is a nice way to arrive in a relatively unknown part of the world, one that lies to the east of Papua New Guinea and is probably best known as the location of terrible fighting between Allied and Japanese forces during World War II.

The excellent Solomon Airlines flight from Brisbane took just under three hours and allowed plenty of time to read over brief notes about the island group.

There are just under 1000 islands within its boundaries, the main ones being Choiseul in the far north, the New Georgia Group in the west, Santa Isobel in the centre, Malaita and San Cristobal in the east and south and the most famous of them all Guadalcanal.

Guadalcanal is a name seared into American minds as a place of bitter fighting as the Allies launched their first major offensive against Imperial Japan.

The campaign lasted six months from August 7, 1942, to February 9, 1943 and cost more than 7000 Allied and 31,000 Japanese dead.

Stuart tank, GuadalcanalThe islands are a trove of battlefields and war relics and those interested in military history will find a visit both fascinating and moving.

Honiara is the main city on Guadalcanal - and the nation's capital - and people’s opinions of the city are not high.

It is fair to say we could see why few suggest having a lengthy stay in the country’s capital. It hasn’t recovered from the ravaging of catastrophic floods and litter covers the streets, but the people are polite and quick to return a smile.

And it does have some nice restaurants, although peak-hour traffic and wandering pedestrians make for some heart-in-the-mouth moments.

But we didn’t come to the island group to stay in a city, we were there to see the real Solomons – explore some of the islands where you can get away from it all, have truly terrific seafood and enjoy some spectacular diving spots.

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