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What to Do and See in the Solomons



Activities in the Solomons


By Richard Moore

Visiting the Solomon Islands gives you a new world of things to do and see.

There's diving, swimming, fishing, relaxing, sightseeing some spectacular scenery, boat trips, relaxing, checking out World War II military history, eating fabulous food, more relaxing and more scenery.

Plus you can get to meet some really amazing locals along the way.

I reckon it is fair to say that whatever your favourite thing is to do on holiday, you'll get to indulge it in the Solomons.

My favourite thing is to take photos and anyone even half interested in photography will have a wow of a time touring around.

The scenery is so different, so are the birds and animals, and waters so clear and colourful.

On Uepi Island I was leaving a building and walked straight out to meet a 1.5 metre monitor lizard sauntering around in the sun.

Another time a smaller one scurried out from under a low hedge - startled by my walking by. I have to say it startled the heck out of me as it took off!

Apart from my DSLR camera and collection of lenses, I found a GoPro Black with an underwater housing particularly useful to get some really good snorkelling shots and I would recommend itif you are on a diving trip to the Solomons.

Even a relatively inexpensive waterproof point and shoot camera will give you good results and memories to last until you can afford a better unit.

Diving would have to be one of the major attractions for tourists and there are some stunning adventures to take part in with scuba gear on your back.

You can dive World War II wrecks, or check out amazing coral and sealife.

Above the water there are fishing charters to go for as you hunt big game fish, hire boats for day outings, romantic sunset cruises or just transferring yourself between the 900+ islands of the Solomons.

We were out on a boat almost every day and there are few things more relaxing or as enjoyable as spending time on the water. I don't about you but after an excursion in sea air I always feel like a huge seafood meal - and plenty of ice cold beers.

And thre seafood on offer in the Solomons is terrific and amazingly fresh. The local SolBrew is a very good drop and quenches a big thirst.

Mind you, the drink of choice throughout the hot days is water and plenty of it. In the often humid heat you put yourself at risk of dehydration without plenty of good clean bottled water.

Another big attraction for the Solomons is the fact it was a major battleground during WWII.

It was a vital strategic location and both the Allies and Japanese fought hard to gain possession of it. Guadalcanal, the main island of the Solomons, is a name that conjures up thoughts of brutal fighting as each side struggled to destroy the other.

There are so many great battle sites - ones you should use locals guides for - including the Vilu War Museum, the US Skyline Memorial and the many wrecks around the islands.

The Solomons offer so much to visitors it is worth taking the time to get to know them.

Visit Solomon Island Visitors Bureau website by clicking here.



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