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Our journey through Solomon Islands



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After leaving Tahitu we got to snorkel on a sunken Hellcat within the lagoon.

It was down about 10 metres and the conditions were slightly murky but we could easily make out its shape.

The Hellcat had been badly shot up over Rabaul, in New Britain, but had made its way almost back to base.

Eventually it failed and the US pilot was forced to ditch in the ocean. He made a good job of it as it is mostly intact and he survived, which he probably saw as more important.

Not far from Fatboys Resort is what is now known as Kennedy Island.

It is where John F Kennedy, later president of America, swam to after his PT109 was sunk by a Japanese destroyer. The island sits between the resort and Kolombangara and you can visit it and even picnic on it.

After a long day on the water we were famished and the meal at Fatboys was just what the doctor ordered including a huge snapper and crayfish in a chilli tomato sauce.

The food in the Solomons is fresh and varied and is one of the key advantages it has over many other islands.

The next day its another early rise and back to Gizo.

We farewell the great staff at Fatboys and turn our minds to the next destination the Uepi Resort.

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