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Our journey through Solomon Islands



Tikitouring in a fabulous part of the world: Page 3


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Travelling by longboat is a common form of travel in the Solomons and if you like the water then it is a fabulous way to get about.

Passing jungle-covered small islands you see a myriad of local house styles – mostly on poles and made of wood and thatched palm fronds – and see villagers out in their boats fishing or going to or from markets.

Everyone gives a passing wave – much like truckers signaling to each other on our highways – then goes back to the business of the day.

As we approach Saeragi you can’t help but delight in the deep green of the waters.

Passing a headland loads of children wave to us from the sands and then we are quickly turned towards the golden sands.

A greeting sign is on one of the buildings and as we prepare to get off the boat we are attacked by half a dozen men carrying weapons – including a pretty wicked-looking kindling axe.

They had us cold, but once they’d finished their attack the war-painted warriors were very helpful getting us ashore.

Multi-talented, you might say.

Once safely on the sands we were welcomed by one of the young warriors – who was looking much friendlier by the moment – and he outlined what we would be seeing.

We saw how they created fire with sticks, husked and scraped out coconuts and cooked in an above-ground oven in a section of their huts.

The warriors showed dancing skills with three dances and the one that they would do (hopefully in the past long past) before setting out on a headhunting trip was actually quite unsettling.

Then it was time to enjoy the meal the village prepared for us – it was very tasty and filling.

Drinks were straight from young coconuts using rolled-leaf straws.

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